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Great testimonies!

We are very excited about the testimonies we want to share with you and the great God we have!

We are happy to see God's mercy in the challenges we have.
We had the opportunity together with some ministers from New Life Ministry to go to London and minister at some churches. One of these churches was a Gypsy one. Pastor Stevo had Prophetic words about pastor Zhoro. He told Zhoro that within four days God would give him the opportunity to pray for a woman with cancer and that God would heal her upon this. On the forth day we were on a service in a very big Gypsy church. There were about 1300 people. At the end of the service, the woman with cancer came in front.We told her how four days ago God had talked to us about her healing, we prayed and the woman was encouraged, had more strength, the color of her skin refreshed, she started to walk and with a big smile she left.

Her friend who didn't know Jesus, accepted Him in her heart. God filled her with the Holy Spirit, healed her hurting back and everybody was happy. We left this place with great joy in our hearts. We are happy God used us and His name was glorified. All the Glory is for Jesus!

God continues to make miracles.
A week ago, a young woman came to our home church with a rash all over her body that came from pills that the doctors had prescribed her. She was in a very bad condition and couldn't move. She had passed through many medical tests and was told that she probably had a Lupus disease. We prayed for her and God's power was upon her in a mighty way. She was filled up immediately with strength, she stood up on her feet and praised God for almost an hour without sitting down.

She went home and later brought her deaf-mute daughter. We prayed for the child and God again did a miracle - a week later the child could hear and started to talk. Later on, the mother had more tests that proved that she had no disease and that her skin was cleared entirely. We are happy about all these miracles God did!


Pastor Toshko is home, also entirely healed. During these few weeks, Dad gave us much joy and many gifts to his children!

Thank you for being patient while reading these lines. We believe you were abundantly encouraged and blessed! God is good and takes care of His children in the best way!

Blessings and joy in your life,

Zhoro and Mariana Penchev
New Life Ministry / Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia
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