New Life Ministry

Mission in Bulgaria

January - 2nd part

We are back again at home!

After 20 days in Thessaloniki, it is a miracle we could get back in Bulgaria without any problems because for 2 weeks the borders between Greece and Bulgaria have been closed. There is a strike in Greece which covers all border areas with Macedonia, Turkey and Bulgaria, but we managed to go back home by God's wisdom before they closed all borders...Glory to God!

We are very happy to share with you how blessed we were to see our friends in Greece. Perea is a Gypsy neighbourhood that was put in our hearts directly from the Holy Spirit. A major challenge was the language, but the love of God removes all obstacles. Everyone was happy to see us, they hugged and kissed us, they started to call out loud their neighbours inviting them to come and see us. We are ambitious to learn the Greek language and to communicate easily with the people there.

We shared the Word, some testimonies, we showed them photos and video materials, we prayed for different needs and we were so happy to see the son of a couple we know well to be burning for the Word of God. He reads the Bible, prays and in the last year we feel that God wants to use him as a leader in his neighbourhood. He asked us many questions and we were very excited to answer them. When we first found this neighbourhood, thats boy was 10 and now he is 17-years-old, he has a wonderful smile, full of joy and enthusiasm. We see the leader in him and we pray for God's protection in his life.

Dentropotomo is another Gypsy neighbourhood where we rented a house in 2008 and used to help the church there. Pastor Stefanos is a blessed man of God, he is Greek with a heart full of love for the Gypsies. After 2 heart attacks, he continues to take care of the people, to love them and to be there while God is giving him life and strength... We went there without warning anybody and about twenty children rushed toward us and started to kiss and hug us, and all friends were happy to see us. Of course, they wanted us to share some Word and encourage them. We saw work-worned people who were hungry for the fresh words.

In 2008, God gave us a Spiritual child and we were happy to see him now. He doesn't stop searching the truth for Christ on the Cross. We are glad he is not hungry for religion but for the joy of the truth... We met many Bulgarians living in Thessaloniki and they welcomed us with joy and wanted us to start a church in their neighbourhood. We saw the enormous field God has and also the harvest which is too much for us and we cannot do everything. We pray for "workers" and we believe God will take care.

We are thankful for every support and we are happy we are not alone and have friends, brothers and sisters with the same heart! We also saw some houses suitable for a Missionary Center which we want to build there. Next month we'll see a few other places and we believe God will show us what He has for the Ministry.

We believe you are blessed and encouraged. We know God has much to do there trough us. Thank you!


Zhoro and Mariana Penchev
New Life Ministry / Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia
cell: +359 888 316 736