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2010 for NLM

We want to share with you friends how excited we are about the blessed time we had in Brestnitsa. What joy, what love, what hunger for God! We really haven't seen another place like this one... Princes and princesses of the Great and the Mighty.

The wind of the Holy Spirit moves there with great power. It could be named REVIVAL! People from nearby villages go there to see what's going on with those people... WOW, that's amazing! God touches our hearts through them and we have tears of joy and love in our eyes. Pastor Toshko shared with us they asked him what they have to do to feel like Mariana crying from joy:))) They look for a way to comfort God, that's amazing...

We also visited Boxcar and unfortunately, we cannot say there is the same joy there. There are big challenges, because of the change needs grow larger. They need fast change in their social life, they need a good leader, they need to be taught how to be responsible; they are losing the love and the unity between them and this makes their life worse with each new day. We saw a lot of pressure and despair...

We'd like to ask you to pray for this place and if God gives some word and wisdom, please share it with us. We had some meetings with the mayor of the area and he wants us to write a letter in which to describe what we want, and we are going to do this. But the truth is that the Government doesn't want to do anything to promote change in the life of these people, that's very sad.

This month we are in Greece and we'll be glad and thankful if you support us in a prayer...We go there to water what we sow and let God make it grow...

Thank you for all the support and let HISTORY-MAKERS like you be abundantly blessed,

Zhoro and Mariana Penchev
New Life Ministry / Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia
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