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In the last few days we had the opportunity to take care of Rumy in her critical condition. As you know, a couple of doctors said her leg had to be amputated. Her parents were given a detailed explanation of what would follow after they were ready with the decision for the amputation; the long and difficult period when she wouldn't be able to walk and will need everyday care. After I drove her to the hospital to be prepared for the operation, the doctor examined her leg and found out a change in a positive direction!

Two weeks ago when I saw the terrible wound, I could even see the bone and it looked like there was no hope. Now I saw something like a new skin slowly closing the wound. The doctor said there was a chance to save the leg.He prescribed an antibiotic, a cream which had to be spread over the wound. When applying the cream it would hurt very much and so she will have to take painkillers.

We don't know what is going on but we believe God heard the prayers of the Saints. We believe for a miracle! If you could only see her face when she understood she will not have her leg amputated - she was all smiles, so full of joy, singing and praising God! I am glad I had the opportunity to share things about Christ with one of the doctors there who really took care of her, not looking for any kind of benefit for himself...

Rumy's treatment is connected with high costs and we believe God will take care of all her needs... Thank you for the prayers, for the attention and for the love...We expect your support to continue till we see the good result...

Be blessed,

Zhoro and Mariana Penchev
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