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What a great time of celebration, joy, love and good mood in the presence of Dad with our incredible friends from Global Celebration...
God blessed us in every place we visited in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. We were glad to hear many testimonies of healing, of which we would like to share the most amazing one. It happened in Vidin.

We visited the poor area of the Gypsy neighbourhood. There was music and songs when we decided to stop in front of a house and started to pray for the needs of the people who were gathered there. At once, we heard someone shout with joy and a woman came out on her shaking legs trying to make steps. As she advanced towards the gate, her steps became ever more stable. Her daughter was crying behind her out of joy. We were told that the lady had been confined to bed for 7 months after a stroke. Her daughter (who was 14-years-old) looked after her during all those months while the husband was working. After 30 minutes of happy dancing with this amazing healing, her husband came back from work and the woman ran towards him, her face beaming with joy, saying that God healed her. He stood frozen and couldn't understand what was going on...For the last 7 months he hadn't seen his wife walk and he was so shocked!

After Vidin we came back to Sofia to visit our friends from the Boxcar. There happened another amazing healing.
God healed a woman who was deaf in one of the ears and her hearing came back to her in the blink of an eye! 
A man with very sharp back pain couldn't come near us but he prayed from where he was standing and after 15 minutes he came to share with tears in his eyes that God had healed him...

God is an amazing friend and we are happy for all the healings and for the many saved people! We are happy we could share all these great testimonies with you and we hope you are encouraged...

Blessings, Joy and Love,

Zhoro and Mariana Penchev
New Life Ministry / Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia
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