New Life Ministry

Mission in Bulgaria

May 2009 - II

A great experience we had with Sandy in Istanbul...
After traveling for two weeks in many cities and countries, we had one day left to take some rest in Istanbul. We decided to take a walk in the so-called Grand Bazaar and after the long day at the end we stopped in a shop for Turkey blankets. The boy who sold them was about 22-years-old and insisted that we buy some. After long negotiations and much laughing we reached a good price. He asked us what our job was and we started to share about our love for the poor, our love in Jesus and how we bring food, clothes and joy to people. He called his two brothers and in Turkish explained them who we were.


His elder brother was stunned from what he had just heard and made his brothers go outside and after a short time they came in saying they would give us the things at lower prices. But they still wanted to help and they gave us a present - a large bagfull of beautiful women's scarves, which they wanted us to give to the ladies we visit. This touched our hearts so much and we all had tears in our eyes. It was such an emotional moment! They agreed with our wish to pray for their business. We are glad for these wonderful teenagers whom God touched and we are thankful for this ministering there, and also these boys ministered for blessings.


Please have them in your prayers and let God help for the development of the business of these young people! 
Thank you for reading these lines and that you could become part of this experience...

Greetings and blessings,

Zhoro and Mariana Penchev
New Life Ministry / Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia
cell: +359 888 316 736