New Life Ministry


Jul 29, 2010

We are very excited about the testimonies we want to share with you and the great God we have!

We are happy to see God's mercy in the challenges we have.
We had the opportunity together with some ministers from New Life Ministry to go to London and minister at some churches. One of these churches was a Gypsy one. Pastor Stevo had Prophetic words about pastor Zhoro. He told Zhoro that within four days God would give him the opportunity to pray for a woman with cancer and that God would heal her upon this. On the forth day we were on a service in a very big Gypsy church. There were about 1300 people. At the end of the service, the woman with cancer came in front.We told her how four days ago God had talked to us about her healing, we prayed and the woman was encouraged, had more strength, the color of her skin refreshed, she started to walk and with a big smile she left.

Jan 7, 2010
We want to share with you friends how excited we are about the blessed time we had in Brestnitsa. What joy, what love, what hunger for God! We really haven't seen another place like this one... Princes and princesses of the Great and the Mighty.

Dec 29, 2009
Dear Friends, Blessings and health in the New year! For us it was a very blessed and also full of challenges year. We are happy for each saved soul and for everyone who is dressed and given food. We thank God for taking care and showing His mercy. Zhoro had some challenges with his health, but Praise God he's already well. We expect to see the new door God will open for us and the new path He'll lead us on. We are ready for more and more of the Lord.

Sep 13, 2009
In the last few days we had the opportunity to take care of Rumy in her critical condition. As you know, a couple of doctors said her leg had to be amputated. Her parents were given a detailed explanation of what would follow after they were ready with the decision for the amputation; the long and difficult period when she wouldn't be able to walk and will need everyday care. After I drove her to the hospital to be prepared for the operation, the doctor examined her leg and found out a change in a positive direction!

Aug 18, 2009
Boxcar - Winter is coming and we can no longer use the boxcar we used for church gatherings because the person who gave it to us went back there to live...Some drunk men broke down the kitchen and now it has no function... In the next days we are going to repair it again and restart offering food there... Now we do it outside, but sometimes it is too cold, or it rains and there is too much mud... Recently, the people from a medical organization examined the gypsies for tuberculosis and found out that many of them have it... They are going to be treated now...

Jul 17, 2009
What a great time of celebration, joy, love and good mood in the presence of Dad with our incredible friends from Global Celebration...
God blessed us in every place we visited in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. We were glad to hear many testimonies of healing, of which we would like to share the most amazing one. It happened in Vidin.

Mar 24, 2009
Dear friends,
We are very blessed to be back to work and do Dad's will...
After the situation with Zhoro now when he is much better, although he still needs rest, we are happy again of what God is doing through us...