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Mission in Bulgaria

Jan 30, 2013

Friends from North Bend, Oregon coming for mission trip on 15-24 August 2013. With sure they will be in love with our sweet gypsies.

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Jan 30, 2013

Feed the poor, bring the Love, dance with gypsies in Brestnica, Bulgaria starting on 20 July till 3 of August 2013! Young people from GVC, Swiss will come and bring the love and joy to many needy people. Fun is coming!

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Jan 22, 2013

Bliss Trip - Bulgaria/Greece/Turkey - 2-15 July 2013

This will be so much fun. Put the uniform of love and rejoice with us.

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Jan 22, 2013

This trip will be filled with teaching and rich feasting on the Word as you experience the sights and sounds of early Christianity, including stops in Thessaloniki, Philippi, Corinth, Athens, and Ephesus. You will also experience love in action as you minister to impoverished Gypsy communities throughout Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. These outreaches will be done "Global Celebration" style with lots of love, food, joyful music and dancing. Join us as we pray for the sick, feed the hungry and bring the tangible love of Christ and His saving power to the lost and seemingly forgotten. /read more

Jan 30, 2013

Mission Trip & Conference, 23 April - 3 May 2013 with Pastor Mark Bristow / and group from the States! Miracles, Signs and Wonders will be blessings for Bulgaria and Greece!

 /more info coming/

Aug 1, 2011
Boxcars is a Gypsy neighbourhood in Sofia with very poor people placed there by the government eight years ago. A big store was built on the place of their homes. They were told Boxcars were just a temporary decision for about six months... Nowadays, those six months turned to eight years...

Aug 1, 2011
Brestnitsa is a small town located one hour by car from Sofia. There on the field God showed us His "treasures" who needed hope and love...

Jan 18, 2013

Studentski grad – ( The students city) – this is a district of Sofia the capital of Bulgaria! And in this district there is a lawn , that has on in it gypsies who live in shacks or tents!
At one of our service meeting had showed up one gypsy couple, and they were so clean and good looking that you can’t tell what are the conditions that they live in!

Aug 1, 2011
Vidin is a beautiful city full of people hungry and thirtsy for God. When we go there they empty us, they take the maximum out of us but at the same time we recieve so much love and smiles...

Aug 25, 2010

We found a good blessing in the Bible: "But when you make a feast, call the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind". Luke 14:13


We are very excited that with the help of friends from Global Celebration we made a feast and as the Word encourages us we invited and gave food to all the treasures in God from Brestnitsa. We gave them physical food and spiritual food.


On August 20, hundreds of people hungry for lamb soup and the living word came. It was an amazing celebration and we are happy we were part of it. There was enough food for everybody, music and dances, word for the cross, much joy and smiles, prayers, healing and salvation of people.

We are blessed to be God's hands that hug, God's heart that loves, God's voice to share the truth. It's amazing. Thank you!

Jan 29, 2010

We are back again at home!

After 20 days in Thessaloniki, it is a miracle we could get back in Bulgaria without any problems because for 2 weeks the borders between Greece and Bulgaria have been closed. There is a strike in Greece which covers all border areas with Macedonia, Turkey and Bulgaria, but we managed to go back home by God's wisdom before they closed all borders...Glory to God!

Jan 14, 2010
Dear friends, we are already in Greece and we are very excited with the new challenges and blessings waiting for us!With God we are ready to welcome everything He puts before us!

Jun 14, 2009
God made a really wonderful healing during the Revelation Meetings we did in the biggest Gypsy neighbourhood in Sofia, Bulgaria! Our dear friends from Grant Rapids, US - Ron and Kim Cipcic - were visiting as well. On one of the meetings a woman came whose daughter had died and she was looking after her two granddaughters. She had developed severe pain in one of her hands as a result of stress and couldn't move it, which made caring for the kids very difficult. She cried out in front of God and He wasn't late - in a couple of minutes she was healed and praised God highly raising her hand!

Jun 2, 2009
One more blessed month passed...We have the great pleasure to share with you the joy that our Dad sends us. We were in many beautiful cities in Bulgaria and Turkey with our dear guests from Texas, USA pastor Mark Bristow and his group...

May 29, 2009
A great experience we had with Sandy in Istanbul...
After traveling for two weeks in many cities and countries, we had one day left to take some rest in Istanbul. We decided to take a walk in the so-called Grand Bazaar and after the long day at the end we stopped in a shop for Turkey blankets. The boy who sold them was about 22-years-old and insisted that we buy some. After long negotiations and much laughing we reached a good price. He asked us what our job was and we started to share about our love for the poor, our love in Jesus and how we bring food, clothes and joy to people. He called his two brothers and in Turkish explained them who we were.

May 8, 2009
Wow! How much joy, love, hugs and many people saved...This is what God blessed us with in the last few days.
We've been to many cities and villages in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Turkey with 20 wonderful teenagers from Joshua School of Life Center, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania...We can share many amazing testimonies that happened...

Mar 29, 2009

Yes, we have much joy and we thank God for every day!

Last month we had some difficulties with Zhoro's health. You know he was in a hospital. His diagnosis was bilateral pneumonia and also problems with the heart. But thanks to the prayers of everyone of you today he is much better... The doctors said he needed quiet and rest for at least 2 months... It's a bit difficult for us to do this because we have an energetic and playful grandchild at home. Praise God he is a funny little boy who wants to play with his grandfather and so on... To go somewhere is impossible for us now and he is recovering at home...Thank you for the letters, the prayers, for the love and the care! We can really feel your love despite the distance.

Mar 3, 2009
Dear friends,
We want to share with you a wonderful testimony from Boxcar!
We always have a service on Thursdays there and the last time a lady shared her testimony that made us all really happy and we decided it was good for you to feel blessed too...

Jan 10, 2009

God is really good…
During the amazingly blessed Christmas and New Year holidays we had much joy, celebration, dances and Dad’s love was everywhere we passed through…

Immediately after the short rest we again started the intensive ministering. The first Sunday we had the privilege to minister in River church in Dobrich where God’s anointing was flowing sensitively and we were all filled with freshness from His Spirit…

Feb 19, 2009
Our Jesus is so good…
A couple of days ago we came back from a blessed missionary trip which we made in Bulgaria and Romania... We visited our friends in Vidin where pastor Aliosha's church welcomed us with much joy... Pastor Marc Bristow had the privelege to visit that church and see the broken synthesizer they play music with and praise God, so he sent us some funds and we bought a new one. They were jumping with joy around the new playing instrument and were happy like small kids... We danced and praised the Lord together, we were happy to be in His presence and with much joy shared His words, and the hungry for life people there accpeted them...

Sep 20, 2008

Extreme testimonies and all the glory belongs only to Jesus!

After the great time we spent on the teen camping in Brestnitsa, 3 really intensive weeks in Greece, where we ministered in some churches and of course to the “treasures” in Perea, Thessalonica we are now on the road again. 
With a group of friends from USA we visited a Gypsy church in Vidin where we are always happy to go and God gives amazing testimonies… At in Vidin you can see the joy which pours there and how people praise Him. Three wonderful children received the Holy Spirit…

Jun 11, 2008

Love and joy are coming from the Cross through God's servants...

We feel honored to be useful for God for spreading of hug,love,hope, joy and smile to everyone who need...

In May, together with our friends and ministers Icho and Natasha, we had the privilege to travel in some European countries...A long time ago God had put in our hearts to go to Holland, so being faithful to His voice we got on the van and went there...We had sent information some time ago about what happened during that trip, how the van broke down and that later we understood it was God's plan to meet us with a woman who needed to hear about Jesus and who accepted Him...

We ministered to a family with 10 children:))) Through the word of knowledge which God gave to Zhoro for one of the daughters her life was changed and she was encouraged...a pastor placed on a crossroad and again with words of knowledge we encouraged him and God spoke straight to his heart and that gave clarity for his life...

We received a call a couple of days ago from people attracted by God's love who shared how different their life was now and how happy they were that God had sent us there...They are waiting for us to visit them again and they want "more of this love" WOW....

May 12, 2008
Joy and love were pouring in Brestnitsa, Bulgaria from our friends Icho, Natasha, Jordan and Kosi...on the way to our treasures we blew a tyre and Zhoro and Mariana couldn't go there, but the other families did and shared they were welcomed with love and joy...

Apr 29, 2008

He was really resurrected!!!

New Life Ministry, Sofia, Bulgaria had a great celebration for the victory on the Cross...With many songs, joy, smiles, strong words, testimonies from our missionaries in Turkey – the Jordanidis family, fire and much life from our missionaries in Greece – the Badovs, and great word from apostles Zhoro and Mariana Penchev we celebrated the resurrection of Christ...Pastor Remzi and Asya Remzievi had a wedding anniversary and it was really great for us from all different countries God had sent us to be together...

Mar 29, 2008

WOW...How great is Christ...with joy we want to share His Wonderful love and mercy He has for his children...

Our friends and missionaries Icho and Natasha who devoted their life together with us in Greece made a trip to Skopie, Macedonia where God brought us some time ago because of a vision He had given to one of our musicians from the group...we haven't visited them for a long time, but when they saw our friends they were extremely happy...

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