New Life Ministry


Pastor Zhoro Penchev

My name is Zhoro Penchev.
I am married and have two children, and I am pastor of New Life Ministry - Sofia.

Below is my testimony, with which I want to encourage you to believe that there is a God and that He truly does miracles.

In 1985, I entered Sofia's emergency hospital to have my appendix removed. It was a simple surgery. However, four days after the operation I developed an anaerobic infection, which caused severe pains all over my body.

The doctors made a second operation. I woke up from the anaesthesia to see a shocking sight - 12 drains about 1cm in diameter were coming out of my body! I realized I was in the recovery ward and in a very wretched condition.

Time was ticking by slowly and painfully. My wife and I were awaiting the birth of our first child, and that was one more burden for me. At the same time, my wife was told to expect the worst.

Many examinations and therapies followed only to prove that my condition was not getting any better. All the doctors from Forth Surgery Ward led by prof. Georgy Zlatarski were fighting vigorously for my life but were getting near to the conclusion that only God could help me.

They decided to make a third operation, which was very risky with regard to the full exhaustion of my organism. When I came to, I experienced an even greater shock - my body was opened in many places, and I could even see my ribs and inner organs. The pain was indescribable and I knew there was no way out this time.

At that time, my daughter was born but I couldn’t feel happy from this news. I believed in God, but in the midst of that hardship I lost any hope for life.

Then something happened ... Early the next morning, I heard a clear voice saying, 'You will live to glorify Me!'.

From this moment, despite the huge pain, I felt my faith surging up again. Every following hour my situation was getting better. Soon, when I started getting up from the bed, the doctors greeted me with the nickname 'a walking miracle'. Despite their different explanations of how I had stepped back from death to life, most of them admitted that it was God’s work - a miracle!

Back there, lying on the bed in the recovery ward, I didn’t see a face when I heard the voice but I knew, I was sure like I am sure now, that it was God who spoke to me. He gave me a chance to live so I can tell people that He exists and He does miracles, and He is the only meaning in life. Thank you Lord!

Today, many years later, my wife, two children and I are thankful for the life we have and we want to tell everybody that God exists and is waiting for people to open their hearts for Him.

Dear reader, I want to encourage you to turn to God and see miracles in your life!

As pastor of New Life Ministry - Sofia, I will look forward to your coming and learning more about the One who gives NEW LIFE.

Mariana's Testimony

Pastor Mariana Pencheva

I grew up in a modest family, but I always knew that God had something great to do with my life...

When I was a small girl, I would sit shyly on the last row in our small religious church, praying with hours on my knees. And, step by step, God started to lead my life according to His will...

A few years later, He showed me His love by giving me songs for the Cross. And ever since 1980, He has been filling me with desire to understand more of His son Jesus Christ on the cross.

At that time, people in churches used to sing sad songs, tears brimming in their eyes. But God started to change those 100-150 people in church, full of traditious beliefs and blind religion. Slowly but faithfully He started to show them what His son meant for us. I myself learned how to praise Him with a guitar, and it was like a mini revolution for the elders to let me play an instrument in church. The lyrics were slowly changing towards joy...

Later on I joined another church where we praised God with many different kinds of instruments, and I was convinced that everything done for Him needed to be excellent. I visited many luxurious places but I couldn't find God there. I was determined to do everything for Him in the best way until one day I felt unsatisfied, and what's more important, I didn't feel happy. I did things He wanted me to do, but a time came when God turned my eyes from the luxury to the ‘junkyard’ of this world...

I was much impressed by the change in Winnie Banova's life and hungry for more of His revelation about Jesus and the Cross, which Georgian and Winnie are spreading. And I started to understand the meaning of the words that Jesus said in the temple as described in Luke 4...

‘For I was hungry and you gave Me food…I was naked and you clothed Me…I was in prison and you came to Me’, and ‘…He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor’.

He changed my life completely. Dad revealed to me something very important – He sent His son to the ‘junkyard’ of this world to find a ‘treasure’ – the abandoned souls seeking happiness until they end up drug or alcohol addicted, or whatever else the devil lured them into. God took us all out from the mud, from the garbage, He washed us in His blood, clothed us in His Glory, gave us joy, and filled us with life – with His Holy Spirit.

Today, I feel God’s urge to go to the dirtiest and poorest people living in the ‘junkyard’ and hug them with His endless love and bring them news of hope and joy. And I am happy He chose me for this purpose!

It’s an incredible feeling to know that He uses my hands to hug people, my lips to kiss His children, my eyes to look for the pearls in this world, my heart to give His love to people… I am happy that I live to do Dad’s will, so I can say just like apostle Paul, ‘It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me…’ I am happy He is giving me a life of celebration.

May everyone who reads this testimony be encouraged and blessed by the love and joy of Jesus!

Remzi's Testimony

My name is Remzi Remziev, and I am pastor of New Life Church - Sofia. I would like to make you a part of my joy as I share with you one of my personal experiences with God.

In February 2007, I went to have my teeth checked as usual. The dentist found out I had a problem with one of my teeth, and that the only solution was to deaden the root. We had to start the treatment the following evening.

So I sat in the dentist’s office and he started working. And then a very misfortunate thing happened. The dentist dropped the tip of the dental drill into my throat! It got stuck somewhere down the throat, and it hurt. I couldn’t swallow and I got scared.

They sent me to the emergency hospital right away where the doctors saw the tip was stuck near the third and forth vertebra. Regretfully, they told me they couldn't do anything and sent me to another hospital. It was getting late, around 10.30 p.m., my wife was searching for me on the cell phone asking if everything was OK. I didn't want to trouble her, so I said there was a minor problem and that I would call her back in a while.

In the second hospital, the doctor on duty assigned an X-ray to see whether the tip was moving. The picture showed clearly it was stuck. Then he called another doctor who looked at the X-ray picture for about 15 minutes, finally to conclude that nothing could be done at that time. His exact words were, ‘Go home, and come back tomorrow morning before you’ve had breakfast.’

I can tell you I felt horribly at this answer… I knew I couldn’t go home in that condition.

I got into the car and I started praying. I called upon the name of Jesus with all my heart and suddenly I felt the needle going up my throat until it was on my tongue and I could take it out. It was a miracle!

How did it move up, against all physical laws?? My dear friends, God can do everything!!!

Dear reader, often people would not have a solution for you and may close many doors before you, but heaven is open and God’s mercy is a solution for everyone!

Yordan's Testimony

Pastor Yordan Yordanidis

God healed me! I wrote these lines for all who prayed for me. 2008 was a year full of the power and the mightiness of God for me and my wife. I want to share with you the healing that happened in my life.

In December 2007 I had sharp pain in my body caused by staying in the draught for a long time (in my previous job). I couldn't stand up on my feet for more than a week. Some movements were very painful for me. I couldn't walk more than 100 meters without having acute backpain. My condition got so grave that after a 6 month treatment I had to see a neuro-surgeon. The doctor's conclusion was medical surgery. I still keep all the check-up papers, including a cat scan of my spinal cord. Initially I agreed to be operated, but I got e-mails in which the "brothers" (this is how people believing in God call each other) encouraged me to continue to trust in God for a miracle. So despite the pain I decided to postpone the surgery.

At the same time, the Lord opened doors for us and we got one-year visas for Turkey. It must have been part of God's plan for driving me closer to the miracle because we had to go to Turkey and draw out 'teskere's - passports for foreigners. I thought I would visit Pavel Banya Physiotherapy Center to receive hot water treatment, but then I found out I couldn't benefit from it.

So how did the miracle happen?

It was the beginning of September 2008. Every Tuesday morning at our church in Izmir we have time for prayer. One day I went to that Prayer Service and once again poured out my heart before God. I couldn't accept to bear my painful bondage till the end of my life; I wanted a healing. I said to God, ' I believe, I have prayed for so many people and they have received a response.' I believe God heals and I have many times stood out for prayer after the service but nothing happened. Many brothers and sisters have prayed for a miracle, many churches have been lifting me up...and nothing. I didn't want to live incomplete and unable to move. After prayer my spirit was uplifted from sharing my pain, but it was still there.

So on that Tuesday morning I joined the group and continued to pray. About 15 minutes before the end of the service a family whom I didn't know joined the prayer. Then, as we all prepared to leave, the husband spoke out and said, 'May I have your attention for a minute? God told me there is someone here with a problem in his back. I want to pray for that person!' The rest of the people looked at me. And this brother asked me to sit comfortably in a chair as he sat on the ground in front of me. He took my legs in his hands and with a few words asked God for my healing. I didn't feel any special power inside me, no electricity or heat, no physical impact on me. But when I stood up, something had changed! I felt I could make moves that were previously impossible for me becasue of the pain. I felt different, somehow refreshed as if I had no burdens. Such a feeling I had only once in my life, in May 1992, after my water baptism. I still felt some pain, but it was more like an old trauma which was passing away.

5-6 weeks later I was entirely recovered.